Uncharted 4 (2016)

Concept featured in clip: Cause and effect
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: A very good physics engine was used to create this game and in this clip, the character Nathan Drake uses a gun to cause a disturbance at the top of some loose rocks and they begin to slide down the slope due to overcoming the static friction that was holding them in place. This can lead to an avalanche in a larger scale if the rocks have enough energy to cause more to tumble with them.

Possible activities: Set up a similar environment in the classroom and cause a disturbance at the top, middle or bottom (by tossing an object) and see how the stones react to the disturbance to the system as a whole.
Can start to touch on chaotic systems (which avalanches turn into) by giving students access to a simulation of a driven pendulum, which is the easiest representation of a chaotic system; also known as the butterfly effect.
Suggestions to teachers:

Questions after viewing:

1. Can this phenomenon be applied to a living ecosystem? (*i.e. removing a predator from a food web*)
2. How can a sound cause an avalanche, or any kind of disturbance in a physical system if sound is just a wave?