True Lies (1994)
Concept featured in clip: Chemistry- Components of Truth Serums, Ethics
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 27: Truth Agent

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Summary of clip: Harry Tasker is given a truth agent so that Juno Skinner can figure out who he works for as well as some other answers. Harry knows he has been given sodium amatol or some other truth agent to make him tell the truth and is honest with his wife about him being a spy for the government

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This flickclip contains a scene where a human being is given a truth serum against his will. Discuss the ethics behind truth serums and their chemical characteristics: how they are made, how they work, etc.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Questions for students prior to watching this clip:

a. Is it ethical to force someone to tell you things they do not want to?

b. Should people be allowed to disclose information even if it's incriminating?

c. How is it possible to make someone tell you the truth?

2. Watch flickclip on administering a truth serum to U.S. governement spy Harry Tasker. Have students take notes on what he reveals while he's 'under the influence' of truth serum.

3. After the flickclip go over the observations students took and discuss those topics.

4. Discuss the chemistry behind truth serums: how they are made, how they work, where they are possibly used.