The Physician (2013)

Concept featured in clip: History of Surgery
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: :Jesse and Ibn Sinah are performing surgery on the Shah to fix his side sickness. They can be seen using the tools and procedures of the time to perform the surgery to fix the problem, which eventually became known as being a ruptured appendix. During the surgery, Jesse reflects back on his mother, who died of side sickness when he was young, knowing that he could have saved her with what he knew now.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This clip shows the traditional surgery methods of the time. Using heat to treat and sterilize the instruments, cloths dipped in an anesthetic, and using their hands to explore the body cavity without gloves.
Suggestions to teachers:

i. Suggested questions for students to when viewing the clip:
1. What sickness does the Shah have?
2. Why can only Jesse fix it?
3. Name some of the practices of ancient medicine you see present?
4. What did they seem to wash the skin with? And why?
5. What happened to the Shah in the middle of the procedure that almost ruined the surgery?
6. Did the Shah survive the procedure?

ii. Suggested activity for students:
1. The students could be given some real world examples of appendicitis and ruptured appendixes and the symptoms and treatments for them and have the students create a chart that showcases the differences.