The Perfect Storm (2000)
Concept featured in clip: Weather, ocean waves and rogue waves
Location of clip:

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Summary of clip: In this clip, the ship's crew faces a terrible storm and is taking risks as they continue to head into the center of the storm. When they finally decide to turn around and head in a safer direction, it is too late. They are caught in the highest recorded rogue wave in history.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: This could be an intriguing way to introduce weather, especially huge systems that develop in the oceans. For this clip, in order for the rogue wave to form, waves are reflected from a very steep coastline. Many of these waves need to pile on top of each other for such a devastating wave to occur. This movie is based on a true story, meaning this is a real-life wave weather phenomenon. The movie does a great job recreating the storm and does a nice job presenting weather-related information and meteorological terms.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. What is weather like over the oceans? How common is a storm like this one?

b. What does this clip show about the power humans have against weather, especially such terrible storms as this one? What could the crew have done differently to survive?

c. What is an ocean wave? How is this huge wave similar and different to normal ocean waves? How is this huge wave formed?

2. After watching this interesting weather clip, you could have the students research unique weather occurrences, such as rogue waves, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

3. As an assessment after a unit about oceans and waves you could have students describe what is happening to the boat in terms of their previous knowledge. They could discuss what is so unique about the situation and how this wave is similar and different to normal waves.