Star Wars: Episode V (1980)

Concept featured in clip: speed of light
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: This is a clip from Episode V. In the Star Wars universe, entering hyperspace is how ships cross great distances in a short amount of time. Hyperspace is achieved by traveling faster than the speed of light and entering and jumping through space as they travel.

Possible Activities: Using a microwave with a known frequency (is most of the time listed on specs), put a layer of marshmallows in a microwave safe pan. Heat marshmallows until they start to melt in a few spots. Calculate the distance between and have the students deduce that it is the wavelength of the waves (usually approximately 12cm). from these numbers, you can calculate the speed that they were traveling at, within about 5% error of the speed of light.
For properties of any wave, you can have the students make a standing wave with string in the class and have them identify wavelength, frequency, amplitude, etc. and how these relate to light.
Suggestions to teachers:

Questions after viewing:
1. How can ab object go faster than the speed of light?
2. To get an acceleration of 100 m/s for a spaceship weighing 200 tons, how much force would be needed?