Short Circuit (1986)


Concept featured in film: What makes us human

Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 5


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Summary of clip: This is the part of the movie where Johnny 5 (a robot) declared that he in fact is alive. Johnny has learned many emotions and traits of humans by reading masses of encyclopedias, and when the scientists try to turn him off, he rebels and says he is in love, and declares feeling other emotions.

Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

2. This would be the hook for a learning cycle discussing what makes us human.

3. What characteristics does Johnny 5 have that make him human? Non-human? What is your evidence?

4. Compare and contrast other characteristics and determine if they are only human characteristics, such as showing affection, committing suicide, having opposable thumbs, displaying aggression, being deceitful, displaying homosexuality, being fully bipedal, etc.