Shooter (2007)
Concept featured in clip: Forces and Motion
Location of clip: DVD: 2:58-5:30


Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip: In this clip, sniper Bob Lee Swagger and his spotter Donnie Fenn are in Africa protecting a convoy traveling through the area. As the convoy is cleared, a group of native hostiles begin firing at the two men. In order to stay alive, the two men must use their marking and sniper skills as their only hope for escape. **Note to teachers: some profanity in clip.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: A sniper's job heavily relies on the laws of physics. Due to their distance from the target they must take a variety of variables into account such as distance, wind speed, gravity, etc.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. This clip could be used as an introduction to a unit on forces and motion.

2. Suggested questions for students after viewing the clip:

a. What were some variables that the spotter was writing/listing during the clip?

b. How do these variables affect the bullet/shot?

c. What other variables do you think might be taken into account while making a shot from this distance?

d. Do you think it's possible to calculate the extact location where a bullet will hit through physics?