Red Planet (2000)
Concept featured in clip:Characteristics of Life
Location of clip: DVD:35:40-36:18 & 1:16:30-1:19:29


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Summary of clip: In this first clip the astronauts just landed on Mars and found no trace of the algae they sent to the Planet. Even though the initial reports showed the proliferation of algae throughout Mars, they cannot find any remnanats of their existence. In the second clip, the two astronauts left have found not only the algae, but alien life as well.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: Certain conditions must be met in order for there to be life on a planet. Living organisms must be able to grow and reproduce, they must be able to maintain homeostasis and some form of metabolism, etc. The algae and the nematodes must exhibit these traits in order to be considered "alive". This clip will get students thinking about these requirements for life.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Teachers can show this clip to show students what it means to be considered "alive" and possibly even provide an example of an organism evolving.

2. Insturctors should show the first clip and the ask the following questions:

a. What do you think happened to the algae?

b. Do you think it was ever there in the first place?

3. After a short discussion, the next clip can be shown and students can be asked the next few questions:

a. What happened to the orginal algae?

b. Where do you think the nematodes came from?

c. Why did they explode when in the presence of fire/sparks?

d. Why were there no nematodes in other locations?

e. How can this example be applied to life on earth?