Home (2015)

Concept featured in clip: Engineering
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: Tip has crashed her car and encountered an alien Boov named Oh. Before the clip, Tip had locked Oh in the fridge because she blames him and all Boov for kidnapping her mom and all other humans, but she needs him to fix her car. Tip lets Oh out of the fridge and he “fixes” the car. However, he didn’t fix the car to human standards, but to Boov standards.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: By utilizing his own Boovian knowledge about technology and how things work, Oh was able to make the “human” car hover like other Boov technology. Oh used current human technology that he found in the store including the slushy machine to engineer the car to hover.
Suggestions to teachers:

i. Suggested questions for students to when viewing the clip:
1. Why was Tip upset when she learned how Oh had “fixed” her car?
2. How did Oh “fix” the car? Did he find specific car parts of did he use what was around him?
3. How does this clip demonstrate the idea of engineering?
4. What is another message that can be gleaned from this clip aside from the engineering aspect?

ii. Suggested activity for students:
1. Have the students “engineer” their own car. This can either be done as an at home or in class activity. The students are only able to use objects that are available to them in the vicinity of your choice (home or classroom). This can showcase that everything has more than one purpose or function, they just need to think outside the box.