Far Cry Primal (2016)

Concept featured in clip: Natural selection/over hunting
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: This is an overview of every animal that is in the game “Far Cry: Primal.” In this game you are a homo sapien in the stone age who must battle with rival tribes who slaughtered his tribe many moons ago. Many of the animals can be tamed and ridden for transport or for combat.

Possible Activities: “Cougar” activity from ProjectWILD to represent the scarcity of animals in a concentrated area Co-ordinate with the history/geography teacher to figure out what language they are speaking and what time period in the stone age they must be on based on technology and have the students predict what tools and technology would be created next and why that must be, based on historical evidence and human experimentation. Maybe have the students build small scale versions of basic technology (not the weapons obviously) and deduce what must have come next in the series on invention.
Suggestions to teachers:

Questions after viewing:

1. Why do the woolly mammoth and woolly rhino only appear in the tundra biome of the map?
2. Based on how early humans got their resources as shown I this game, why are woolly rhinos and mammoths no longer a species on earth?
3. Why is the use of torches and fire at night a sign of safety?
4. Why are all the sabretooth tigers so big and scary? Why aren’t there any weak feeble ones?