Avatar (2009)

Concept featured in clip: Deforestation
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: Jake and his mate Neytiri are woken up by bulldozers going through the forest, destroying the tree of souls. Jake wakes up late because he hasn’t yet connected to his avatar, almost destroying the avatar. Even though Jake destroys some of the cameras, nothing can stop the bulldozers.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Deforestation is a constant threat to our planet. Not only in the rainforest but everywhere that the human population keeps expanding to. And while it may benefit one species (the humans), it is devastating the others (the Navi people and the animals of that planet).
Suggestions to teachers:

i. Suggested questions for students to when viewing the clip:
1. Why doesn’t Jake wake up right away?
2. How does this clip showcase deforestation?
3. What could be a possible cause for the deforestation?
4. How did Jake fight the machine to make it stop?