Avatar (2009)

Concept featured in clip: Genetic Engineering
Location of clip: (DVD)

Summary of clip: Jake is taking his avatar “out” for the first time. Once he realized that he can use his legs again, he is overwhelmed and leaves the facility to use his new avatar legs.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This is a good clip to use if you are discussing human injuries and treatments. As a society, we do not have a complete treatment for spinal cord injuries. This clip could act as a possible treatment for people with these types of injuries.
Suggestions to teachers:

i. Suggested questions for students to when viewing the clip:
1. Does Jake have any training before he drives his Avatar?
2. Why was Jake supposed to go through a lot of tests before he could leave the facility?
3. Why is Jake so obsessed with moving his toes?
4. Why does Jake immediately leave the facility?

ii. Suggested activity for students:
1. Ask the students about this technology and what it could mean for people with injuries or dangerous workplaces, to be able to use avatars?