Twilight (Flick 2)
Concept featured in clip: Compost, "going green," Decomposers
Location of clip: DVD: chapter 6 "we shouldn't be friends"


Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip:In this scene, Edward, Bella, and the rest of their biology class go on a school field trip. While walking through a greenhouse, their teacher discusses how eggshells and carrot tops can go into a compost pile and form "coompost tea."
Connection of flickclip to the concept:The decomposing of leftover food items by bacteria and earthworms is an easy way to recycle. It is also possible to use that decomposed material to fertilize plants without using chemicals.
Suggestions to teachers:
Because Twilight is such a poular teen phenomenon, this is a wonderfully engaging clip for a majority of students. This clip is perfect for an introduction to recycling, decomposers, or the "going green" movement.

1. What kind of things went into the composter?

2. What is the compost tea use for?

3. Does anyone have a composter at home?

4. How is a composter useful in our lives?

5. How is a composter beneficial to the environment?

6. If the students are interested, you could possibly make a class composter!