Fast and Furious (2009) Clip 1

Concept featured in clip: Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Forces
Location of clip: 1.33 - 3.09

Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip: Mia climbs onto a moving semi truck hauling petroleum. A truck hooks up to the end of the trailers. As Mia climbs down to the trailer couplings, she sprays something similar to liquid nitrogen on the coupling and proceeds to break the metal with a hammer. The truck then drives the trailers away.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: The compound Mia sprays on the metal drastically changes the temperature. This changes the structure of the metal, making it more brittle.

The truck the theives drive needs to give enough power to slow down the petroleum trailers and then drive away.

Suggestions to teachers:

This clip can be used to introduce thermodynamics when applied to solids and the molecular structure of solids.


Have students inquire why the metal becomes brittle. That can move into a project-based unit that analyzes how different materials behave when subjected to quick temperature changes.


What household products can accomplish a similar result? (Things like canned air sprayed upside down)


The second use of this clip is to analyze how plausible this situation would actually be. By comparing the force of the semi truck and the trailers to the force the second truck can produce, students can determine if the second truck could stop the trailers and drive off with them.