Deep Impact (1998)

The Bourne Identity


Concept 1:This movie stars Matt Damon and near the end he intentionally shoots a propane tank with a shotgun. In the movie, this causes the tank to instantly explode. However, in real life if a propane tank was shot at and the bullet was able to penetrate a tank of that size in the movie, it would cause an enormous explosion, thus, much larger than what was shown in the movie.

Concept 2: Another flaw exists. In the movie, Damon was using a shotgun, and is using either buck or bird shot pellets. These would not likely be able to penetrate the tank, especially at the distance Damon was, away from the tank. Also, there is a scene where Damon needs a quick escape and takes a dead body, throws it over a stairwell and jumps onto it falling directly onto concrete a few stories below. This would still cause serious injuries even if Damon used the dead body as a “cushion.”

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