Deep Impact (1998)




Concept 1:When the class is on the field trip where Peter gets bitten, we are told that the microscope is "the largest electron microscope on the eastern seaboard." The images of the microscope shown are ones from a phase contrast microscope. Phase contrast gives less magnification than electron, but allows you to work with live material (i.e. the cell being manipulated).

Electron Microscope<><><><>Phase Contrast Microscope

Concept 2: The giant spiky flowers at Peter's and Norman's graduation are tropical Birds of Paradise Flowers. These flowers are native to California and could not survive in New York.

Birds of Paradise Flowers

Concept 3: When Flash approaches Peter from behind, he sees a fly moving in slow motion. The fly in the movie has two wings. In reality, flies have four wings: a set of main wings on top, plus a set of smaller halter wings (used to maintain balance in flight) underneath.


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