Deep Impact (1998)

A Sound of Thunder



Concept 1: There are a couple of problems with this movie mistakening a moth for a butterfly. First, the movie describes the creature that Middleton steps on a brings back is a butterfly. In fact, the creature was a lo moth (Automeris io). Second the movie cover has a moth not a butterfly on it. To make matters worse it is a different species of moth than the one Middleton stepped on. Instead of the lo moth, the moth on the cover is a Black Witch moth (Ascalapha odorata).

lo Moth<><><><><><><>Black Witch Moth

Concept 2: During one of the trips into the past, the men are attacked by an Allosaurus. The Allosaurus existed during the Jurassic Period, which was about 145 million years ago. The mean only went back in time 65 million years, so they should have never encountered an Allosaurus.


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