Deep Impact (1998)

Red Planet



Concept 1: The biologist in the movies mistakenly names the four codes of DNA as he talks about writing a code for DNA. The biologist says the four codes are A, G, T, and P, instead of the correct codes A, G, T, and C.

DNA<><><><><><>DNA Codes

Concept 2: In the movie, the ice storm that forms on Mars causes a blowing/driving white snow. This could not occur because Mars has not gone through terraforming. Terraforming is a hypothetical situation where a planet modifies its atmosphere, temperature, topography, and ecology to be similar to Earth. Since terraforming has yet to occur, Mars surface dust has not changed density, and would mix with the snow causing the ice storm to be a red tint. An example of this on Earth is what occurs immedialety after volcanic eruptions.

White Snow that should be Red

Concept 3: When the astronauts find the insects that are eating algae and producing oxygen, they refer to the insects as nematodes. However, these insects are roach-like, while nematodes are tiny round worms. Nematodes are similar to an earthworms, with the difference between them being nematodes have unsegmented bodies and earthworms' bodies are segmented.

Roach-like Insect<><><><><>Nematode<><><><><>Earthworm

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