Deep Impact (1998)



Concept 1: The movie takes place in a Central American jungle, and there is one scene where a Reticulated Python (Python reiculatus) is featured prominently amongst the tree branches. This species of python is found only in Southeast Asia and not in Central America.

Reticulated Python

Concept 2: The Predator kills Major George Dillon with two 20 in. long and 4 in. wide retractable blades. Due to the location of the stab (the abdomen), Major Dillon should not have been able to scream for as long or as loud as he did. Since, the blades did not exit his back, they must have gone upwards piercing his diaphragm and puncturing one, if not both lungs. With his diaphragm pierced, Major Dillion could at best have only managed a gasp.

Concept 3: While being chased by the Predator, Dutch attempts to hide from the Predator's infrared vision by convering himself in mud. This should not have worked, because mud is not able to conceal the thermal energy the body releases. Therefore, the Predator would still have been able to find/see Dutch.

Infrared Vision

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