Deep Impact (1998)

The Mummy Returns


Concept 1: Howler Monkeys can be heard in the jungle surrounding the Ahm Shere oasis. Howler Monkeys are native to South America but the Ahm Shere oasis is found in Africa.

Concept 2: During the opening sequence of the movie, Evy can be seen kicking a snake at Rick. The snake is a Coral Snake, that are only found in the Americas. The opening sequence takes place in a tomb in Egypt.

Coral Snake

Concept 3: While holding a black snake, Anck Su Namun says, "Egyptian Asps are very poisonous." The problem is that the snake is not an Egyptian Asp, it is a Mexican Black Kingsnake. This species of snakes are native to Mexico, and are non-venomous.

Egyptian Asp                         Mexican Black Kingsnake

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