Deep Impact (1998)

King Arthur


Concept :1The bird that Tristan carries around is a Harris Hawk. The Harris Hawk is species of hawk native to the Southern United States and South America. Therefore the hawk would not have existed in England at the time of the movie.

Harris Hawk

Concept 2: Both armies are able to walk on the ice when they meet on the frozen lake, signifying that the ice is thick. Therefore, when the ice is broken by the axe, only a hole should have formed. Instead, the movie has the ice fragment into large pieces, which only occurs when the ice is thin.

Hole in Ice                        Ice Fragmenting

Concept 3: The film does not depict ice shattering in the correct manner. Instead of travellling outwards at a great distance, ice crumbles at the point of impact. In addtion, if the cracks do happen to radiate outward, the cracks would have gone in all directions meaning both armies would have fallen into the water. (Think of the way glass shatters when hit by a small object).

Glass Shattering

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