Deep Impact (1998)



Concept 1: During the pond scene, when the lady is yelling at the shark, the dorsal fin is sticking out of the water. Sharks typically swim completely underwater, either mid-water or near the bottom of the ocean. There has even been some research on the fact that sharks can sun-tan or sun-burn. This could be another possible reason to why sharks spend the majority of their time near the bottom of the ocean.

Concept 2: In the movie, when the Great White Shark makes its attacks, its eyes do not roll back. However, in real-life, Great White Sharks roll their eyes back when making attacks. Sharks either have protective eyelids which close or rolls their eyes backs when attacking. Great White sharks do not have protective eyelids. The shark in the movie does not have protective eyelids or rolls its eyes back.


Concept 3: When the shark attempts to attack Brody on the Orca, it swims backward when it comes out of the cabin. The shark swims backwards numerous times in different shots. However, no shark can swim backwards.


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