Deep Impact (1998)

The Italian Job


Concept 1: This classic movie features the Mini cars that help in the plot of stealing gold. However, the miniís present a few questionable decisions and how they work related to science. First, the miniís used each weighs 2678 pounds, however, the conversion factor of the weight of gold in each mini, from $27,000,000, gets you 2054 pounds of gold. To carry this gold and continue to do the ďtricksĒ and drops off of steps and cliffs that are performed in the movie with the miniís would not be able to occur. The suspension of the miniís would be crushed as well as dropping simply 5-6 feet in a car would cause severe problems to the drivers, however they are all fine with no whiplash injuries of any kind. The human body, without any sort of neck brace or further protection would not hold up well to these jumps and jolts, thus causing neck and possibly other injuries.

Concept 2: The opening of the movie takes place in Venice, when the safe they are stealing falls through three stories into the water below. In Venice the water is not crystal clear, however, when the safe is underwater, John, the safe cracker, was clearly able to see what he was doing and open up the safe. This would not be the case though. When the safe fell into the water, sediment from the bottom of the water floor should have been stirred up and make everything very unclear for at least a few minutes. And in the movie, they used lights to see the safe better; however, lights would not have helped, actually made it worse because underwater, where there is sediment, the light will cause the sediment to backscatter the beam, thus totally blanking out any object the beam is pointed at.

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