Deep Impact (1998)

Independence Day


Concept 1: During the worldwide celebration at the end of the movie when th ealiens fall, it is daytime not only in New York City, but it's daytime in India and Moscow as well. Howe could it be daytime and daylight all over the world? Since the earth is round it could not be daytime in New York City while it is daytime in Moscow or India

New York                                    Moscow                                    India


Concept 2: Another flaw occurs wehn Jeff Goldblum's character gets drunk and falls on the floor. His dad tells him to get off the floor before he catches a cold. Colds are caused by a virus, RhinoV, and you do not get a cold by sitting on a cold floor, or running outside with a wet head in the iwnter time, or jumping into cold water at the beach. You must come in contact with the viurrs, thus if you were lying on the floor and someone with the viurs sneezed on you, then yes you could get a cold on that occasion.

Concept 3: If the space creafts were actually hovering above earth then they could create a tide producing gravitaional force 25 times greater than that of the moon. This would crete tidal floods all over the world.

Concept 4: When the ships are slowing down the energy released by the enginces would be tien time greater than the luminosity of the sun. We would all be fried!!!

Concept 5: The distance from the thsips to the Earth is not great enough to allow the ships to not be damaged by their own blasts. THe flame would emit an enormous amount of radiant heat killing you well before the fireball would reach you, thus you would not be able to outrun the front. The flame would consume all of the oxygen so if you managed to make it through the fireball alive you would immediately suffocate.

Concept 6: The blast itself is more of a nuclear blast and the magnitude of the blast would require for some sort of antimatter to be used. THus the blue light must be an antimatter containment system. When we are blowing up the alien ships we are also releasing this antimatter. This would defeat our purpose of defending ourselves against the aliens.

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