Deep Impact (1998)

Deep Impact


Concept 1: In this movie the comet surface is depicted as having a mostly white to gray surface. In real life comets are actually surprisingly dark material. Many are composed of similar compositions tomafic materials found here on Earth. Comets are one of the darkest objects in the solar system.

Concept 2: The comet speed in the movie as observers gaze upon it's beauty is inaccurately portrayed. The comet roars slowly across the sky, trailing smoke and fire. The truth of the matter is that the comet entry into the atmosphere would have been much brighter. So bright in fact as toblind all the onlookers. The comet would be moving much faster and would generate a tremendous shock wave, thus killing instantly anything for thousands of kilometers.

Concept 3: Just before impact onto the Earth's surface, astronauts blow up the comet into tiny fragments and everyone is treated with a spectacular light show. However, in reality blowing up the comet would have been disastrous. Changing the comet from one big mass of kinetic energy into smaller numerous pieces of energy would still have fatal effects.

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