Deep Impact (1998)

The Core


Concept 1: In the movie, Humpback Whales accompany Virgil for a short period right after it's launch. Virgil is launched at a depth of 800ft beneath the surface and Humpback Whales do not swim at those depths. Humpback whales normally dive to a depth between 500ft and 700ft.

Humpback Whale

Concept 2: At the end of the movie, a group of orcas can be seen swimming around the survivors. However, the survivor's ship is not located in their natural habitat. The ship's location is in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii, while the Orca's natural territory is in waters farther north, near Alaska. A better choice for the movie would have been Humpback Whales which are natural inhabitors of the waters off of Hawaii.

Orca                                        Humpback Whale

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