Deep Impact (1998)

10,000 BC


Concept 1: The movie places the tropical forest too cloose to the snowy mountains. There is no transistion between the two climates, just an immediate jump. There should actually be some sort of temperate climate "sandwiched" between the tropical forest and snowy mountains.


Snowy Mountains                Tropical Forest

Concept 2: The movie takes place somewhere in modern day Europe, Asia, or Africa. The terror birds, from the forest, that attacked the people only lived in South America.

Terror Birds

Concept 3: Throughout the movie, there are multiple references to the "lead bull" of the mammoth herds. Similar to modern day elephants, mammoths were actually lead by a matriarchal female. Male bulls would never lead the herd.

Mammoth Herd

Concept 4: During the "last hunt", the hunters drive the mammoths toward a net trap. While being driven, the mammoths can be seen basically galloping, but due to their knee and leg structure mammoths did not gallop. The mammoths knee and leg structure was more similar to a modern day elephant than to a modern day horse. Horse have a unique unique four-beat, rear-to-front gait, which is called galloping. On the other hand, elephants have a stiff-legged run, often called a charge. Therefore the mammoths would have charged instead of galloped.

Horse Galloping         Elephant Charging

Concept 5: At the end of the movie after D'Leh in his people have become hunter-gathers, there is a problem with the type of plant they are harvesting. The plants D'Leh is observing do not have circular leaves or grow in a uniformly vertical way, which are properties of bean and corn plants, respectively. The problem is that bean and corn seeds are the only two seeds given to D'Leh by the North African people earlier.

Bean Plant               Corn Plant

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