Wayne’s World (1992)

Concept featured in clip: Batteries and electrical circuits
Location of clip: (DVD)

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Summary of clip: Garth is called a dweeb by a man much larger than him at a concert. He goes to his car and grabs a home-made device with an electrical probe to shock the man.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: The home-made device that Wayne uses to shock the man must be battery powered in order for it to work. He did not plug it in to use it, so we must assume there is a strong battery connected to it.
Suggestions to teachers:

Questions to ask after viewing:
How was Garth able to shock the man with his portable shocking probe?
What must be true about Garth’s belt in order for him to be able to create electricity?
How do batteries work?
How do electrical circuits work?
This clip can be used to introduce a lesson about batteries and electrical circuits. While the clip does not explicitly show a source of electricity, one has to assume that the power is coming from a source somewhere on his belt.