Underworld (2003)

Concept featured in clip: Genetics
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DVD Chapter 20
**Suited for mature audience**

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Summary of clip: The vampires and werewolves (Lycans) have been in an ongoing war for centuries never seen by human eyes. During the war the head werewolf, Lucien, finds out that one human can bond both vampire blood and Lycan blood to become a super race. The genetic code is hidden in a human descendent with a virus that has mutated and carries one gene from the bloodline of both vampire and werewolf. Before the human was found to combine both bloodlines, there was no cellular junction to combine the species. Michael, the human link, is found to have the strain of DNA to allow for a perfect triple cell platelet of the combined vampire werewolf species.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This clip shows the process of determining the human ancestor bloodline through a phylogenic tree. This is a science fictional way to see how DNA from different species can be combined to create a super species through genetic engineering and mutations.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Could engineering human genetics lead to the ultimate human race? Is this ethical?

b. Are there certain types of species that are better suited to survive than others? How do mutations play a role in species survival?

c. The lycans transform themselves from human form to animal form. What are some other examples of mutations? Are these mutations always bad?

d. What are some types of mutations that happen in our genes? Are they related to evolution? Can these gene mutations can be traced throughout evolutionary history?

2. As part of the elaborate phase of the learning cycle, students can debate over the issue of ethics and whether or not engineering genes for human benefit is an ethical decision.

3. For further understanding of gene mutations and engineering, students will discover how genes on a chromosome are identified, what each gene represents and how genes can be mutated and "crossed over."