The Lorax (2012)

Concept featured in clip: Photosynthesis
Location of clip: 1:09:52-1:15:52 (DVD)

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Summary of clip: Ted Wiggins has the last tree seed. He needs to get it to the center of town to plant it in front of the townspeople of Thneedville. He is chased by Mr. O'Hare, the town businessman and owner of O'Hare air, which bottles and sells air to a town with no trees. He is trying to prevent Ted from showing the town the seed. With the help of his friend Audrey and his Grammy, Ted wins the race for the seed and breaks downs the wall of the city to show everyone in town that things are not perfect outside of Thneedville. They convince the townspeople that planting real trees will allow photosynthesis to occur and will result in free, fresh air.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This movie is a great way for students to see the importance of plants and trees for a healthy environment and the production of oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Ask students what is the importance of photosynthesis?

What is needed for photosynthesis to occur?

What is produced by photosynthesis?

Where does the bulk of our oxygen come from? (The phytoplankton in the ocean)

2. Develop the equation of photosynthesis with the students acting out the various components of this vital process.

3. Identify chloroplasts under a microscope using the aquatic plant, Elodea.

4. Identify the benefits of trees to reduce Greenhouse Gases. Use the following website to explore The Greenhouse Effect: