The Lion King (1994)
Concept featured in clip: Life cycles
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 1


Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip: The song Circle of Life is playing in the background. All the animals and herds leave their habitats to view the new prince, Simba.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: This could be a great way to introduce life cycles or characteristics of life. This clip shows great examples of life with all the animals and plants. The song in the background suggests that life exists in some sort of "circle".
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Students can observe the various characteristics of life in this clip (e.g. organization, adaptation, reproduction, growth, etc.). A discussion can ensure about what makes living things alive and what makes the other things not living, such as the rocks, sand, sunlight.

b. What does "circle of life" mean? How is life connected in a circle?

c. What examples does the clip show about cycles?

2. For a possible assessment in a unit about life, you could show the clip and then have students write about the various living organisms and explain why they are alive. Or they could describe why nonliving things are not living.

3. For an activity about life cycles, students could pick out one type of species in the clip and research that organism's particular life cycle. They could present their findings in the form of a mobile, diorama, literature review, collage, poem, song, skit or Powerpoint presentation.