The Gods Must be Crazy (1980)


Concept featured in film: Sustainability/Minimalism/Conservation

Location of Clip: DVD: Chapters 1-3

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Summary of clip: This is taken from the beginning of the movie, and it describes the tribe in the middle fo Africa, isolated from the outside world. They describe the tribes world, and the outside busy city world, and say that the tribe is happy an dcontent, and they have everything they need to survive, with their hardest materials being sticks and bones. A glass Coke bottle is dropped out of a plane, and the tribe finds it. The tribe shares it like they do everything else, and everyone can find at least one use for the bottle. The problem arises when people want to use it, but are unable to due to there only being one bottle. So the tribe tries to get rid of it, and the rest of the movie goes on about trying to get rid of the bottle. This clip mainly focuses on the problems caused by the bottle.

Connection to flick to concept:

Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

2. Ask the class to discuss how the tribe was sustainable.

3. Have the class relate this clip to other cultures that have been disturbed by this practice (Native Americans, Mayans).

4. Discuss the length that pieces of trash actually are able to travel (balloons, plastic bottles, etc.)