Star Wars

Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977)


Concept featured in film: Holograms

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Summary of clip: The scene opens with Luke Skywalker cleaning out R2-D2 after they recently purchased the droid from the Jawas. Luke stumbles upon a holographic message that R2-D2 had stored in his memory circuit. The holographic message was of Princess Lea, intended for Ben Kenobi. The message is projected from R2-D2 into space as a 3-D image.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This is a good clip to introduce the concept holograms, and holography.

Suggestions to Teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Describe how a hologram is formed from lasers?

b. How do constructive and destructive interference determine the light and dark parts of the image?

c. We all know that in Star Wars part II (Empire Strikes Back) Luke Skywalker loses one of his hands in a battle with Darth Vader. What would happen to Luke's perception of the holographic image if he had lost one eye instead of a hand?