Jurassic Park

Spiderman (2002)

Concept featured in clip: Viruses
Location of clip: DVD: 0:06:29-0:10:51, 0:13:42-0:14:56, 0:17:46-0:19:10


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Summary of clip: Toby Maguire's character is on a class trip looking at genetically engineered spiders. While spending time taking pictures for the year book he is bit by a spider that has escaped from its cage. Later in the clip, Toby's character falls ill from the spider bite and the clip flashes pictures of both his and the spider's DNA.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Although spiders are not viruses the way the spider's DNA incorporates itself into Toby Maguire's character's DNA. The film depicts it much like the way viruses put their DNA into living cells. This clip would be good at being able to show students how viruses take over cells and replicate themselves.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

2. Teachers can talk about how viruses spread throughout the body's cells

3. Teachers could use this clip in conjunction with DNA replication and compare and contrast DNA and virus replication.

4. Teachers can use this clip to discuss why viruses need other cells to function

a. How are viruses are like parasites?

b. Are viruses living organisms?