Skyfall (2012)

Concept featured in clip: Collisions, Momentum, Forces
Location of clip: DVD: 6.30-6.57

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Summary of clip: James Bond is pursuing a henchman. The henchman jumps off of a bridge onto a train passing beneath. In order to make the jump to the end of the train, James Bond runs his motorcycle into the bridge railing which propels him onto the last train car.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: The clip shows Newton's Third Law and incorporates aspects of Elastic Collisions, Momentum, and Velocity
Suggestions to teachers:

Teacher's can use this to illustrate what happens when one of two objects travelling together is abruptly stopped.

Ask students why they think Bond continued forward, why the motorcycle flipped over the railing, and why Bond couldn't just jump off the bridge.

This clip can also be used in a student project. Given the speed of the train and the acceleration of the motorcycle, students can calculate Bond's momentum, distance travelled, and even the force he had when he landed on the train.