Shooter (2007)
Concept featured in clip: Forces and Motion
Location of clip: DVD: 12:37-15:30


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Summary of clip: In this clip, Colonel Isaac Johnson informs Swagger that they intercepted a transmission stating there was going to be an attempt on the President's life. The shot is supposed to be taken from over a mile away. Isaac wants Swagger to outline what he would do if he were the shooter, in hopes they can stop the person and prevent them from assassinating the president.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: A sniper's job heavily relies on the laws of physics. The 1-mile shot Colonel Johnson speaks of requires much more calculation than short-range shots. Due to a sniper's distance from the target, they must take a variety of variables into account such as distance, wind speed, gravity, etc.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students after viewing the clip:

a. What are all the variables that could have an effect on the path of a bullet?

b. How do these variables affect the bullet's path?

c. Why is it more important for snipers to pay attention to these variables than close range gunman?

d. From one mile away (5280 feet), how much higher does a sniper need to aim just to account for gravity (32.2 feet per second squared) if his bullet can travel 3500 feet per second straight horizontally?

Solution: Bullet will get there in 5280 ft/(3500 ft/s)

= 1.5 seconds
-> distance bullet will fall .5*32.2 ft/s^2 *(1.5s)^2
= 36.2 feet above the target