Rio (2011)

Concept featured in clip:Innate Behaviors/Instincts
Location of clip: 45:49-50:02 (DVD)

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Summary of clip: Blu is a rare blue macaw who has been raised in captivity and has never learned to fly. While reunited with a Jewel, a female blue macaw, to mate and save the species from extinction, they get captured by smugglers and are chained together. They escape by foot and are being helped by a toucan to remove the chain. Blu's friends are hoping he can fly using his innate ability.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Innate behaviors are thought to be heritable behavior present in an individual at birth. Birds have an innate ability to fly and refine their skill through practice.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Show examples of simple innate behavior (reflexes) and more complex innate behavior (nest building, dam building, hunting skills, migration).

2. Build on innate behavior by introducing learned behavior and imprinting. Have students view several behaviors and determine whether they are innate, learned or imprinting.

3. Have students create an environment on a deserted island. Describe an animal of choice and their innate and learned behaviors that will help them survive on the island.