Red Planet (2000)
Concept featured in clip:Collaboration in Science/Planning and Designing an Experiment
Location of clip: DVD: 1:24-3:30


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Summary of clip: In this clip, Bowman introduces the crew that will be traveling with her on their mission to Mars. The crew includes a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and specializations.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: Science requiress a lot of collaboration between different scientists and disciplines. This scene shows that a trip to Mars involves a wide variety of scientists and even some civilians. It also demonstrates a significant amount of preparation and consideration in the mission and selection of individuals for the operaton. By getting students to think about all the factors involved in such a large task, it may help them when it comes to them designing their own experiment/study.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. This concept can be used to demonstrate the importance of collaboration with peers before a group project/lab/activity. Instructors can also show this clip during a nature of science unit to reinforce the importance of collaboration in science

2. It can also be used to preface a student designed experiment or study.

3. Instructor should show this clip and then ask the following questions:

a. What all do you think would be involved in a mission to another planet?

b. What variables would you need to take into account when planning a mission to another planet?

c. The crew consisted of scientists from a variety of different fields, why do you think this is necessary?

d. How would using a variety of people help us in every day circumstances?

e. What would be an example of this?