Philadelphia (1993)


Concept featured in film:HIV and AIDS

Location of clip: DVD: 0:22:25 - 0:28:00


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Summary of clip: Andrew Becket comes to Joe Miller's office. Joe greets Andrew warmly until Andrew reveals that he has AIDS. At that point, Joe reacts differently to him. He backs away, wipes his hand, nad keeps looking at a sore on Andrew's hand instead of his face.

Connection of flick to concept: This clip can be an engaging way to start a discussion about HIV and AIDS.

Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. How does Joe's attitude change when he finds out Andrew has AIDS? What do you think the cause of this change is?

b. How is HIV transmitted? Is there any chance that Joe has contracted the virus as a result of this meeting?

c. Do you think this is a common attitude? This movie was made in 1993. Do you think the general population is more educated about HIV and AIDS now? If so, what do you think may be responsible for this change? If not, can anything be done to make people more aware of the facts?

d. What is the difference between having HIV and having AIDS?

e. Are there other viruses that are transmitted like HIV? Are there viruses that can be transmitted through the air or by touch? What are examples?

2. After watching this clip, have students study the different ways that HIV can be transmitted. What is the biology of the virus that prevents it from being spread in other ways? Have students explore the truth behind common questions, such as, "Can HIV be transmitted by mosquitoes?" and "Can HIV be transmitted through saliva?"