Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

Concept featured in clip: work, energy, simple machines, Rube Goldberg machines
Location of clip: (DVD)

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Storyline: Pee-wee Herman is a man who is naturally immature and has a happy go lucky life. His house is full of toys and gadgets and he has a dog named "Speck". He also has a bicycle which he loves likes its his own child. However, his enemy Francis Buxton, who is also naturally immature and rich, covets Pee-wee's bike. As Pee-wee was shopping for more toys and things for his house, he noticed that his bike was gone. He immediately blames this on Francis as he believes that Francis has stolen it, but Francis claims that he has nothing to do with it. This is when Pee-wee tries to search for the bike. He was told by a fortune teller that the bike is in the Alamo, which is in San Antonio, Texas. Pee-wee is determined to find his bike.

Summary of clip: Pee Wee Herman’s morning routine includes starting his breakfast machine. While he gets ready for his day, the series of machines prepares his breakfast.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Rube Goldberg machines are highly recognized for their intricate design for completing simple tasks.
Suggestions to teachers:

This clip is entertaining and attention-grabbing. Used as the Engage phase, it would serve as an ideal opening to any learning cycle on work, energy, and/or simple machines. It could also be used in combination with other clips on this topic and students could compare and contrast the machines in each clip and/or identify what the clips have in common.

• Can students identify / label one or more of the machines used in the clip?

• Evaluate the chances that this machine would really work … or is it a movie trick? Ask students about their experiences using machines and/or building with machines.

• What are some common examples of simple machines that we use everyday? (This can lead into the Explore phase where students participate in a concrete experience investigating a variety of simple machine devices)