October Sky

October Sky (1999)


Concept featured in film:Two-dimensional motion

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Summary of clip: The Rocket Boys are accused of setting a forest fire near Welch, which is located three miles away from'Cape Coalwood,' the boy's launch site. Unable to account for all of their rockets, the boys are arrested for setting the fire.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Have the students generate ideas about how the Rocket Boys can demonstrate their innocence. After the students have generated some ideas, the teacher may tell the students that the rocket took 14 seconds to reach its maximum height. What equations can they use to determine the range of the rocket? Once the class has worked through the problem, play the tape (1 hr, 17 min) to see how Homer solved the problem. The class can then compare how they solved it to Homer's solution. This would be a great way of introducing and practicing the basic equations for two-dimensional motion. To expand the lesson, teachers may want to have students design and build their own rockets and have them time their rockets and determine the ranges.