Me, Myself and Irene

Me, Myself, and Irene (2005)


Concept featured in film: Genetics

Location of clip: DVD: Chapters 2: halfway through, after the fight scene


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**Use your discretion when showing this flick due to the occasional vulgarities.

Summary of clip: In this scene, Charlie (Jim Carey) has just gotten married and he and his wife, Layla (Traylor Howard) have triplets. The triplets have much darker skin than their parents. It is obvious to some in town that Layla has been cheating on Charlie, but he refuses to believe it.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: The proof that Layla has cheated on Charlie can be found in genetics. Although Charlie waves it off as his mother being part Italian, the fact is that the children are of African descent.

Suggestions to Teachers:

1. The teacher should ask the students to think about the following questions while viewing the clip:

a. How do we know that Layla is cheating on Charlie?

b. What phenotype does the real father of these children have that has passed down to the boys?

c. In this case, would dark skin and dark hair be dominant or recessive?

2. Have the students create a punnett square using the features belonging to Charlie and his wife, if Charlie's mother had dark Italian features. Have them determine if it is possible that the children would end up with dark features due to her genes.

3. After watching the clip, we can guess who Layla's lover is. Have the students discuss the dwarfism genetics and figure out how the children did not obtain that gene. Is this possible? Does having triplets increase or derease the possibility of that gene getting passed along?