The Matrix (1999)
Concept featured in clip: Bio-electricity
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 12: 0:38:39 - 0:43:17


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Summary of clip: The scene begins with Morpheus describing the end of the world as Neo knew in the early 21st century, "Welcome to the desert." Morpheus describes how we scorched the sky and the AI were no longer able to secure their energy from the sun. They sought out another source. Humans. Morpheus explains that the machines harvest the bioelectricity from developing humans as their own energy source.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: This could be a great clip to lead into learning about how the human body conducts and is a source of electricity. This is a great clip that shows what it would look like if humans were harvested for their energy.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Morpheus says that a human can generated 25000 btu of body heat and equal that of a 125 volt battery. How much is that equivalent to in everyday terms?

b. Where do humans get the ability to conduct electricity? What makes us good conductors?

c. How are the machines able to harness human electricity? What kind of energy conversions would have to occur for this to happen? Why don't we take advantage of our ability to conduct electricity?

d. What are some real life occasions where the human body conducts electricity?

e. Would the machines have been wise to use another species to conduct electricity? Perhaps other animals would reproduce more quickly or would grow larger.

2. For an assessment students could watch the clip after a unit about electricity. They could describe how the human body functions like a conductor using the information they have previously learned.

3. As an activity students could creatively come up with ways humans could use bioelectricity for their benefit. They would have to base their ideas on principles of electricity and the human body while doing so in an ethical manner.