Days of Thunder
The Kid (2001)
Concept featured in clip: Light waves, scattering, and moon characteristics
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 9 and 24 (end credits)


Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip: There is a scene less than half way through the movie where 'the kid Russ' asks 'old Russ' why the moon is orange sometimes as well as other moon characteristics such as 'the man on the moon'. At the end of the movie the scientific definition as to why the moon is orange sometimes is given before the credits

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This flickclip would be a great attention grabber when beginning a unit on light waves and scattering or also could tie into some moon characteristics topics.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested question for students when viewing the clip to figure how their preconceptions of how we see the moon:

a. What do you know about how we see the moon from Earth?

b. What did you learn about the moon from this clip?

c. What do you the answer is to the question: Why does the moon look orange sometimes?

2. After discussion of these previous topics play the clip right before the end credits for the full answer.

"The full moon sometimes looks orange when it rises because the light has to travel through more of the atmosphere than when the moon is high in the sky. The blue light waves scatter but the red light waves make it through....Just in case you were wondering."

3. Then discuss how waves travel and how it is possible for the moon to look different colors.

4. Another discusson question coud be: How do we figure out how light waves travel and light characteristics?

5. This last question could lead to an experiment to show how some light waves scatter and some reach a destination while others do not.