Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park (1993)

Concept featured in film:Ethics in Science

Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 13: 1:24:43 - 1:28:24


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Summary of clip: John Hammond is telling Dr. Ellie Sattler about his previous endeavors. He then explains what went wrong with Jurassic Park and how he will fix it next time. Dr. Sattler comments that he can never gain the control he is looking for and that he doesn't have respect for the power he is wielding.

Connection of flick to concept: This could be an engaging clip when discussing the ethical questions that arise with cloning and animal control.

Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. Could Jurassic Park be made safe? could the mistakes seen in the movie be fixed? Would more unforeseen problems arise?

b. How is Jurassic Park different from the average zoo? Do zoos ever have problems controlling the animals? How are these problems dealt with?

c. Should we do something simply because we can?

d. If cloning can bring back extinct species or help replenish endangered species, should we use it? What are the problems with using cloning to increase population sizes? What would happen to genetic variation? How does increasing numbers or bringing back extinct species change the dynamics of current ecosystems? Would diminished habitats be able to support larger populations of endangered species? Would cloning save these species or would they only become endangered again?

e. Can we ever have complete control where living organisms are involved? Does it depend on the organism's size? Can we control dinosaurs? Bacteria? Why or Why not?

2. Have students work in groups to research the history of Parks and Zoos throughout the world. How have people managed animals? How have animals been treated? What types of interactions exist between people and these animals? What are problems that have arisen in these attractions and how have these problems been handled? Are there any laws that govern these types of establishements?

3. Have students research animal management in zoos. Then, direct students to design their own zoos. Students must take animal welfare into account. How will they control the animals and make sure that they are treated humanely?