Days of Thunder
Independence Day (1996)
Concept featured in clip:Viruses/Immune System
Location of clip: DVD: 1:42:55-1:48:48


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Summary of clip: In this scene, you see David's father giving him the idea of how to "beat" the aliens by giving the alien spaceship a "cold". By downloading a virus into the spacecraft's computer, David was able to show the crowd how they could get around the shields.
Connection of flickclip to the concept: Viruses are a significant part in the everyday life of students. Instructors can use this clip to relate computer viruses to the same viruses that people can contract throughout their lives.
Suggestions to teachers:
1. Suggested questions for students after viewing the clip:

a. How is a computer vrius similar to a virus that humans can contract?

b. David is giving the ship a virus in order to disable its shield. What is our "shield"? How does it protect us from viruses?

c. What typically happens to our body when we get a virus? i.e. What are some sypmptoms?

d. What are some examples of viruses we can contract?

e. Is there anything we can do to prevent viruses? How about treating them?