Ice Age

Ice Age (2002)

Concept featured in clip: Extinction

Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 8: 0:27:38 - 0:31:22

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Summary of clip: In this clip, Manny, Sid, and Diego are attempting to find the human baby's family. On the way, they need to find food for the baby and they run into a rock holding three melon-looking items. It turns out that the "melons" belong to the Dodos, as they are collecting for surviving the Ice Age. The large flock of Dodos currently have three "melons" only and in attempting to protect them from the heros, the flock quickly goes from many to none in many humorous accidents.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: There are many theories on how the Dodo became extinct, however they did not technically become extinct until somewhere within 1688-1715. However, this flickclip is a fun way to introduce the idea of extinction and start a discussion on how species can become extinct.

Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. So what happens to the Dodo after this?

b. If what is seen in this clup is all of the Dodos in the world, what term would you give the Dodo? What term do you give the Dodos in this situation after the scene?

c. What does this movie depict happened to the Dodo bird species? What has made the writer use this as a reason? (Dodos are dumb!)

2. Have students pick an extinct or endangered species to investigate and teach the class about. This can be done in groups or as individual projects. Part of the project can be to find programs that are attempting to assist in the repopulation of some of the endangered or threatened/ vulnerable species.

3. Have the students tell their own story for why the Dodos became extinct. Using the creative way in which the clip conveyed a "theory", the students can use their own creativity to "prove" their "theories" to the class.

4. Follow the lesson plan from Science Netlinks for Mammoth Extinction:(
where students will use the internet to research many hypotheses given for the extinction of Mammoths.