Flight Club (1999)

Concept featured in clip: Dissociative Identity Disorder
Location of clip: (DVD)

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Summary of clip: Edward Norton’s unnamed character has come to the realization that Tyler (Brad Pitt) is an extension of himself, or another personality.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: Dissociative Identity Disorder is realized in this clip where Edward Norton’s character disables a bomb that was built by his rebel alternate personality. A fight ensues, and security cameras show Edward Norton’s character being tossed down a flight of steps by his own hands.
Suggestions to teachers:

Questions to ask after viewing:
What other disorders/diseases could be affecting Edward Norton’s character? What causes disorders and diseases such as Dissociative Personality Disorder? Is this a genetically inherited disease?

This topic is relevant when discussing disorders of the mind. It can be discussed as part of a lesson on genetic disorders. This can also be discussed as a physiology lesson on what parts of the brain are affected when someone has a personality disorder.