Evolution (2001)


Concept featured in film:Meteors

Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 1: 0:01:00 - 0:04:08


*Use caution. Clip contains inappropriate language.

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Summary of clip: As the film opens, a meteor is falling to Earth. The clip cuts to Wayne (a firefighter trainee) setting a cabin on fire and then cuts back to the meteor falling and colliding with the Earth setting off a huge explosion.

Connection to flickclip:This clip is excellent as an engage activity to the study of meteors, their composition, and their impact on Earth. The clip can also be used once students are well acquainted with meteors so that they can evaluate the accuracy of Hollywood's depiction.

Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. If you were the first scientist at the scene, what questions would you ask? What would you be inherently curious about?

b. Based on the flickclip you've just seen, what do you want to know more about meteors? These questions could lead to an Internet scavenger hunt about meteors.

2. You might elect to wait and show this flickclip after students have studied meteors. Students can watch the video and then challenge them to uncover what is realistic and unrealistic in the film. You might prompt them with the following questions: Would meteors impact the Earth with this much force? You might tell them that this particular meteor creates an 80 feet hole in the Earth. Is this feasible? What size would the meteor have to be to create a hole that large? Would there be that big of an impact with that much force? (We are told in the film that the impact results in Wayne's car being tossed up into the air 200 ft.)

3. Discuss why the meteor broke apart and how its shape,size, and composition factored in on its entry into the atmosphere and its subsequent collision.