Eight Below

Eight Below (2006)


Concept featured in film: Earth Science: Glaciers and Crevasses

Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 3: The Expedition fast-forward to after the leopard seals and watch till Doc and Jerry are in the tent.


Play Flickclip Here

Summary of clip: Jerry and Dr. McClaren are traveling to Melbourne, Antarctica to look for meteorites. During this clip they are traveling over a glacier so they slow down. The glacier is always moving so they have to be careful. Jerry finds a crevasse and begins to go around. Max, one of the sled dogs, goes the wrong way and Dr. McClaren and the sled fall through the ice into the crevasse. Jerry is able to get the dogs to pull him out. They discuss the conditions of their trip and the safety of the trip.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This clip shows the dangers of glaciers and crevasses.

Suggestions to Teachers:

1. As students watch the clip have them write down:

a. Any safety hazards they see.

b. What precautions they see being taken.

c.What a glacier is.

d.What a crevasse is.

e.Estimate how deep the crevasse is you see in the film.

2. Ask students if any of them have ever seen or been on a glacier.

a. If so, have the student describe their experience.

3. Ask students if they know how a crevasse forms.

4. Make a list of responses as hypotheses and have students research this and other topics as described below:

5. Then split up into groups and have each group research one of these topics:

    a. How a crevasse is formed

    b.The characteristics of a crevasse

    c. How a glacier is formed

    d. The characteristics of a glacier

    e. What precautions people should take when on a glaciers to avoid crevasses?